Department and Graduate Institute of Political Science, NCCU.

Name Job title Education Research Fields E-mail
Pei-Shan Lee Professor Ph.D.1999, Political Science, University of Pennsylvania Institutional Analysis, Comparative Politics, Political Economy, East Asian Studies
Tsuey-Ping Lee Professor and Chair Ph.D.2000, Public Policy and Administration, State University of New York Environmental Politics, Public Policy, Public Administration, Financial Administration, Systems Thinking
Ping Lin Associate Professor Ph.D.2007, Sociology, University of Oxford Taiwanese Immigrants(China & Indonesia), Qualitative Research Courses Taught: Sociology; Contemporary Chinese Society; Field Research; East Asian Integration: Education, Economy, and Politics; Sociology and Contemporary China
Chiung-Chu Lin Associate Professor Ph.D. 2006, Political Science, University of Essex Voting Behavior, Party Politics, Electoral Studies, Courses Taught: Comparative Governments and Politics; Parties and Election; Public Opinion and Survey Research
Chung-Li, Wu Professor Ph.D. 1997, Political Science, University of New Orleans American Politics (Political Institutions), Comparative Politics, Electoral Studies, Public Opinion and Survey Research, International Relations, Urban and Minority Politics
Chian-Woei Shyu Associate Professor Dr. phil. im Fach Politische Wissenschaft, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn (2010) Public Policy, Energy Policy & Climate Change, E-government, Public Human Resource Management, Administrative Ethics
Kuang-hui Chen Professor Ph.D. 2007, Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara Research Methods, Political Socialization, Public Opinion and Survey Research, Civic Culture and Education
Shang-chih Chen Associate Professor Ph.D. 2006, Political Science, Syracuse University Comparative Politics, The Political and Economic Development of Taiwan, International Political Economy, Foreign Policy Analysis
Kuo, Yu chun Associate Professor Ph.D. 2012, Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara International Ethics; Global Justice; International Political Theory; Immigration Justice Courses Taught: International Relations, Political Methodology, International Organizations & Non-Governmental Organizations, International Ethics, Liberal Nationali
Yun-tung Tsai Associate Professor Ph.D. 1998, Public Policy, University of Southern California Public Organization and Administration, Policy Analysis, Theories of Public Administration
Jung-hsiang, Tsai Professor Ph.D. 2005, Political Science, Boston University Comparative Politics, Comparative Constitutional System, Triangular Relations between Taiwan, US and China
Tsung-Wei Liu Associate Professor Ph.D. 2002, Political Science, University of Essex Introduction to Political Methodology, Parties and Election, Baseball: A Political Analysis, Picture Books, Novels, and Multicultural Education, Music and Politics
Yu-chun Lan Professor Ph.D. 1998, International Relations, Université Panthéon-Sorbonne Seminar on International Relation Theory, European Union & Regional Integration, Human Rights and Rights of Women, Diplomatic History of China, Modern History of International Politics
Chu-Yang Wei Associate Professor Dr. phil. für Politikwissenschaft, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (2010) History of Western Political Philosophy, History of Chinese Political Thought, Selected Studies in Political Thought, Contemporary Western Political Thoughts, Theories of Justice