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The Department and Graduate Institute of Political Science at National Chung Cheng University was established in 1993. We focus on international relations, comparative politics, and public administration, and civil society. We currently have 13 professors with doctoral degree from outstanding universities in the United States, Britain, France, and Germany. They are full of academic energy and broad vision and pay equal attention to theory and practice. Most of the teachers are young, dedicated, and enthusiastic. They have different teaching styles such as funny and rigorous, but all maintain friendly relationships with students. At present, we have about 200 undergraduate students and more than 20 graduate students for master programs. We also established the " In-service Master Program of Government and Public Affairs" in 1999 for professionals, especially civil servants, teachers, soldiers and the police to pursue higher education.

In addition to our plan and development in the fields of international relations, comparative politics, public administration, and civil society, we continue to enrich our hardware and software resources so as to become a comprehensive higher education and research institution and to inject new vitality into political science research in southern Taiwan. We conduct research on current important issues, create innovative ways of teaching, and cultivate students' capability of research and analysis. In line with the needs of domestic political, economic, and social development, the professors carry out research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the central and local government and integrate the curriculum design with the latest developments in current political science.

At the same time, we established the"Democratic Governance Research Center" to hold academic activities. We widely invited domestic and foreign scholars and experts to participate in forums, deliver keynote speeches, and discuss various political issues and major social phenomena with teachers and students of our department and the College of Social Sciences. The "Public Opinion and Market Survey Research Center" takes survey cases from within and without the campus, which not only provide students with part-time job and internship opportunities but also contribute to students’ combination of theory and practice. In 2013, we set up a biannual journal, Journal of Democracy and Governance, and invite submissions from domestic and foreign scholars. The editorial team looks forward to accumulating more research findings on major issues in contemporary public policy and governance, local and global governance, democratization, human rights, methodology, area studies, international relations theories, and Taiwan’s foreign relations, and sharing ideas with the domestic academia through this journal.

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