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  1. Curriculum with breadth and depth:                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    The department offers major in four subfields of political science: comparative politics, international relations, public administration and policy, and civil society. The graduate program focuses on specialization, requiring graduate students to specialize in their own subfield and encouraging them to take courses in other subfields for the purpose of interdisciplinary academic training.The undergraduate program is divided by teaching areas. The required credits (63) include major courses in the four subfields so that students can acquire broad knowledge of the various fields of political science. Undergraduate students should also take 18 elective credits for professional academic training in line with their career plans.

  2. Equal stress on theory and practice:

    CCU is more of a paradise for academic research than other schools. Therefore, an important goal is to strengthen the interaction between academia and society. One of the major features of the department rests on its active cooperation with the "Public Opinion and Market Survey Research Center." This cooperation offers not only professional training on methods and polling operation for the students of the department but also a window for teachers and students to understand all aspects of the society through off-campus commission cases.

  3. Close relationship between teachers and students:
    The ratio of students to teachers is 14:1 for undergraduates and 4:1 for graduate students. Since the number of teachers and students is small, and the teachers stay in school for a long time, the department can maintain a high quality interaction between teachers and students. Through formal and informal communication channels such as weekly tutors' hours and the faculty of the department devote themselves to teaching and solving students’ problems.

  4. Good resources:
    In addition to the spacious space and good facilities, the department is planning to create study and leisure space for reading and discussion.
  5. Good research environment:

    CCU, away from the city, has a lush and beautiful campus; The study room is comfortable and spacious with advanced equipment; The teaching burden is reasonable; The students are of high quality. To sum up, CCU is very suitable for scholars to immerse themselves in academic research.

  6. Strong research team & development of new research topics:

    We have a young and energetic research team, which covers important research topics in the four professional fields of political methodology, comparative politics, international relations, and public administration and policy. We have produced unique research findings in Taiwan’s academics.

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