We warmly welcome foreign students all over the world who are interested in our undergraduate and graduate programmes to apply for admission to our Department. Since the University sets the deadline for accepting foreign students’ applications at the end of February each year, we urge those who are interested in applying contact our Department Chair as early as possible at the following address and telephone number:

Professor Kun-Jung Liao
Department of Political Science National Chung-Cheng University
168 University Rd., Ming-Hsiung Chia-Yi 621, Taiwan
Tel: 886-5-2720411 ext.22600
FAX: 886-5-2721195


Application procedure  Application for admission  Application form

Procedure for Application for Admission to CCU: International Students

Submit the application material to Division of International Students,
Center of International Affairs and Exchange (CIAE).

3/31 (for Fall semester)
10/31 (for Spring semester)

CIAE send the application material to Admission Section, Office of Academic Affairs

Application material is sent to the associated Department or
Graduate Institute and is reviewed by faculty members

Due date:
4/15 (for Fall semester)
11/15 (for Spring semester)

Reviewing results to Admission Section, Office of Academic Affairs

The President's approval

Admission issued by Admission Section

Due date:
4/30 (for Fall semester)
11/30 (for Spring semester)

Admission results to CIAE

Notification of admission or rejection by CIAE



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